JKD Industrial Cleaning Services

Vent Hood Cleaning

JKD Industrial Cleaning Services provides comprehensive commercial vent hood cleaning services, including servicing the entire kitchen exhaust system, from the filters to the exhaust fan.  We also perform the full spectrum of kitchen cleaning services, including power washing, detailing equipment and fixtures and cleaning high-traffic areas within the kitchen.

Choosing the right vent hood cleaners can be a tricky endeavor because, unlike many other forms of cleaning, the most important part of vent hood cleaning is what you don’t see unless you’re specifically looking for it.  What makes us one of the Houston area’s best vent hood cleaners is our dedication to detail assuring our customers that their kitchen exhaust systems are indeed free of hazardous grease residues.

​Commercial hood cleaning involves far more than a once over with a rag and some solvents.  At JKD Industrial Cleaning Services, we disassemble the entire ventilation system, piece by piece, ensuring that all movable parts are properly lubricated, all surfaces, including vent fan blades, are free of grease and all moving parts are able to function without undue friction.

On every job, we will remove the roof fan, taking it completely apart and cleaning the blades, bearings and all other internal components to ensure that it is able to optimally remove grease-saturated air from the kitchen.  Removing the fan also gives us direct access to the interior ducting that leads to the exhaust fan. Our team uses special solvents and cleaning techniques, including power washing, to ensure that all hazardous residues are completely removed from interior ducting.

Back inside the kitchen, we will cover all vulnerable equipment that is near or directly under the hoods that are to be cleaned.  We also thoroughly clean and then detail any grills, ovens, stoves, fryers or steamers that are below the site of the vent hoods that are to be cleaned.

The ventilation hoods themselves will be cleaned inside and out until they display an immaculate appearance.  Our team has the expertise to ensure that no residues whatsoever are left on any surface that we clean.  And this ensures that your kitchen will be as safe as possible for the full duration until your next prescribed vent hood cleaning.

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